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Welcome to the Lands of Thea

Welcome to the World of Thea

A world divided by war, an entire continent labeled as ‘taboo’ by all, and the dawn of an era of rediscovery and colonization – this is the story of Thea.

Upon entering Thea, you will find yourself on the recently rediscovered continent of Telos in the abandoned city of Arcadia.  The two major powers of the world, the Allied Nations and the Remschied Empire have sent their best and brightest to discover what occurred during the 101 Year Shadow.  With those sent by their nations, a number of brave individuals with a thirst of adventure, treasure, exploration and knowledge have also struck out to stake their own claim in this wild and untamed land.  Will you delve deep into the mysteries of the remains of the once great civilization that built Arcadia?  Will you perhaps form a Guild with others in an attempt to make a name for yourself and your brethren?  Will you join with your nation’s or empire’s forces to ensure that the will of the people is secure?  The story yet to be told, is the story you will help craft.

Roleplay Your Way, Combat or Intrigue

Being a multi-user roleplaying experience, members of the Thea RP Community will have various ways to grow and enhance their characters.  Through the metaplot which weaves itself in and out of all three major factions (Remschied, Allied Nations, Independent Guilds), through player driven events and the in-world economy, and most notably through the Thea Combat System.  All characters participating in the Thea RP Community will be required to use the TCS (Thea Combat System) HUD and Overhead to denote their status in-world.  Unlike many other systems, the TCS is designed with an equal opportunity power-curve for all players.  No one group or faction will have a marked advantage over the other.  This is in order to facilitate fair growth opportunities as well as a balanced PVP environment for those players who wish to participate in that style of play.

Currently in development, the Thea Combat System will offer 7 individual experience ranks for player characters to grow through with a vast assortment of 77 available classes at launch, hundreds of spells and abilities, and more to be released and discovered over time.