Monthly Archive: November, 2017

#TheWestminstering: November 2017 Newsletter Extravaganza

Well now, it’s been a few good months since we shared any sort of update with you all, so here’s the scoop of what’s been going down. I recently took the liberty of cleaning up the look and layout for this portion of the website to give it a more ‘dynamic’ look and feel to it, so there’s that (it actually LOOKS like it’s inspired by Final Fantasy now). I recently relocated back to my old West TN home at the end of October due to having been laid off from my job back in August and subsequently unable to find anything else that would keep my wife and I in the house we were renting. That being said, I have a prospective interview tomorrow as of this post, so there’s that. As our beta testers are aware, I pushed several updates and patches out when the Beta 4.0 phase went live back in September (someone can correct me if that wasn’t when I did that). Unfortunately, there is still a major, fatal flaw with the current iteration of TCS, and that’s the massive size of the core script itself; there are a few quirks and possibly redundant functions built-in that handle and comprise the bulk of the script, while the actual run-time functions take up minimal processing, but due to its overall size and the many, many variables that handle everything from abilities to status effects to name/title/party/etc., the HUD likes to kill itself a lot, primarily upon “K.O.” of the character. I’ll see if I can do one more patch to get that to stop; basically, for whatever reason, the script likes to run out of memory on that particular point.

In the meantime, I’ve been toying around with some special functions that allow the script to communicate with external resources; namely, webpages a la LSL’s llHTTPRequest() function. I did some advanced testing and managed to get it to communicate to an isolated database on our website, and even write and delete from a table. Because of this (and I’ve already informed our beta testers), I’m thinking heavily of shifting the bulk of the TCS towards a web-based solution for the variable storage and handling, as well as coding in a character creation system down the road. Not only will this alleviate memory consumption, but it will also allow for many more expansive features, such as currency, an enhanced and revised Experience Points system, and even items,key items, materials for crafting, and more. I encourage everyone to discuss this on our forums and provide feedback with your ideas and concerns about this proposed route.

We want to thank you all again for your patience and ongoing support. It’s been a long few years, and we know not much has been shown for the amount of time that’s passed, but we’re always behind the scenes trying to improve and implement things so that you get the best possible experience from the get-go. We seriously cannot thank all of you enough for your commitment, and we hope you’ll be pleased with the end results once we fling open the doors and REALLY get the party going. So from the bottoms of our hearts, we, the Thea Staff, want to thank each and every one of you, because without you all, we would have nothing to work for and towards.

– Xero Westminster and the Project Thea Staff