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Thea Background
« on: February 18, 2013, 07:28:44 PM »
Thea, a fertile yet fragile world, is inhabited by people of different races, magic, and monsters. From jungles, to forests, to plains, and to deserts, Thea has a rich and varied ecosystem that can support all forms of life. As nations were being developed, the people discovered mythical objects containing great power. They would simply be known as crystals. The crystals contained great magical power that could protect nations from disasters of almost any kind. Many disasters had fallen upon the world throughout its history, but none would match the Great Disaster that would leave a scar on the land for many years to come. It would be a disaster that the crystals could not stop.

Hundreds of years ago, Thea was inhabited by three superpowers; the Remschied Empire, the Allied Nations, and Arcadia. For a time, the three nations maintained the peace and their people prospered. When the three nations had a new set of rulers in place, there were some conflicts that also initiated a war. The Remschied Empire wanted to expand its religious influence to other regions while the Allied Nations believed religion should be a freedom of choice and not be forced upon. Arcadia wanted to study ancient magic for personal use while the other nations believed such powerful magic should not be touched. The Allied Nations imposed tariffs on the other nations in order to curb outsourcing, causing the other nations to heavily disagree with it as they grew frustrated that they were being taxed to import goods. The debates grew heated, but an agreement was eventually reached. The empire agreed to keep its religious influence within its own borders, Arcadia agreed to leave potentially dangerous magic alone, and the Allied Nations agreed to increase trade outside of its borders by eliminating taxes on traded goods. Citizens within the nations breathed a sigh of relief.

After some time had passed, a cataclysmic event occurred that completely eradicated the country of Telos, and with it, Arcadia. No one knew exactly what happened. Survivors of the disaster could not remember anything other than a bright flash of light. Because no one could figure out what caused Telos to be erased of all life, rumors and theories began to brew. Some say that the Remschied Empire caused the Great Disaster to further their own agenda. Others believe that the secretive people called the Mysidans botched a summoning ritual that caused the Great Disaster. A few people claim that the crystals that were supposed to protect the land had gone awry and caused the collapse of Telos. A few others also claimed that the world experienced a horrific natural disaster that was greater than anything the world had experienced in its lifetime. People who saw the aftermath of the event were horrified to see what had become of Telos and wondered if the world would ever be the same. Only a handful of people knew what truly happened, but since they did not openly speak about it, no one could say for sure on what really happened.

Many people from all three nations had died in the Great Disaster and the land of Telos became uninhabitable. The radiating magic emitting from the land was so chaotic and poisonous that anyone who wandered near it either died from the exposure or they mutated into terrible monsters. Plants either died or mutated to be as poisonous as the land itself. The air was heavily toxic to the point where one sniff could induce illness. The water in Telos became so deadly that a minor splash of its water on the skin could cause terrible burns. There was barely any life form that could survive in the magical radioactive Telos. Arcadia was erased from existence and only crumbling buildings remained behind as a reminder of what once stood there. The people of Arcadia just became just another page in history. There was some strife between the Remschied Empire and the Allied Nations due to accusations over who caused the event, but both sides could not afford to fight each other. All anyone could do was slowly recover and rebuild the broken pieces of their shattered lives.

Throughout Thea's history, there were people that were known as the Startouched. The Startouched follow 13 spiritual entities that make up the elemental forces and aspects of the world. No one knows exactly how one becomes a Startouched. Some people born under certain signs may have a physical attribute on them such as an innate affinity with an elemental power. Views on the Startouched greatly vary. Some people view a Startouched as a blessing of divinity that can bring good fortune while others view them as greedy demons that have so much lust for power that they take a fragment of the divine with them, possibly causing a collapse within the Zodiac circle. Some people even believe the Startouched caused the disaster that eradicated Telos, but no one can say for sure.

101 years had passed since the Great Disaster. The radiation from Telos subsided enough to allow life to return to the land. People were able to explore the ruins that were once Arcadia. The Remschied Empire and the Allied Nations both expressed interest in colonizing Telos. Both sides came to several agreements over who would get what, but there were still tensions over the remaining unclaimed land and the past events. Some people even believed that the crystals that caused the Great Disaster should not be used in the rebirth of Telos while others disagreed. No one wanted to fight, but the unknown that lied within the once dormant country had put people on edge. No one knew if there would be monsters or other dangers lurking within the land. The only way to find out was to dive head first into the unknown.

The disaster that everyone knew in history slowly became "The New Dawn", due to the sun shining at its brightest for several minutes while each of the major factions sent explorers and surveyors to see if there was anything left of Telos. The Allied Nations and the Remschied Empire found land to the south of Telos that, while it was in ruins, was slowly recovering. The Guilds followed right behind them to see what scraps they could pick up that the other factions did not want while also avoiding any major conflicts. While the land itself was recovering, people quickly discovered that the 101 year taboo caused massive changes within the wildlife, mutated into horrible monsters that no one had ever seen before. Monsters weren't the only outcome of the taboo. The Shattered Plains, once rich with plant life and animals, was now a broken and twisted combination of rocky crevices, outcroppings, and barely any vegetation to be found. Despite how horrible things seemed to have been, the people were determined to make Telos and the surrounding land inhabitable once again.

Because the Crysynth Riftgate was not operational, the only other fast way to travel to Telos was by airship and/or boat. The Remschied Empire had their military's 71st Detachment forces had set up within Arcadia, its Knighthood representing for the church whose officers and leaders were handpicked by the church itself. The Allied Nations had their Defense Force occupy other parts of Arcadia so that people of various nations and towns could have another place to call home. The Allied Nations also had the Judges, a group of people with the responsibility and power to watch over all nations and execute laws imposed upon everyone. The Independent Guilds voted for and sent a group called "The Loyalists", one of the larger guilds, to represent the guilds that wished to set up in Arcadia. Each major faction had a spot in Arcadia to call home. Several questions still remain to be answered.

What will become of Telos? Will the empire claim land for its needs or will the Allied Nations claim the land for the needs of the people? Perhaps the two sides will reach an agreement down the road? This is where you, the player, come in. Will you join sides with the empire or with the nations of the people? What will you become? Will you take the role of a doctor, a hunter, a thief, or something greater? Will you choose neither side and choose to fight for your own beliefs? Will you join a guild that holds the same interests as you? What does the future hold for you?

The world of Thea beckons and it is seeking for answers. What will be your answer?
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